Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thing a Week Project 11 Part 05: The Machine Room

Got some great advice from a lot of my friends/co-workers and thank you all for checking out my stuff and sending me your thoughts and ideas. No lies, I'm glad you all are trying to get me to up my game more and more. Anyway so I put in as many suggestions as I could but time was against me like always so I got it to a great stopping point and send it into KeyShot for some awesome render passes then sent it into photoshop to comp it together and add some slight post and color correction.

A few things I updated, I fixed the wiring, removed some odd looking pieces, added subtle normals to my textures and made sculpted some areas to get just that much more detail.

It's time to move on for now; like always, I like where its at at the moment and maybe one day I'll return but here's what I have. Thanks for checking it out.

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