Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Howdy everyone!
     It's been over a month. Sorry for the lack of updates, work has been intense and lots of cool things are coming down the line and some big news will be coming to E3. Also I have been catching up with games and burying myself in art books, art tutorials and art techniques. So after a few more personal matters to attend to I will be coming back with a new piece that I'm very excited to start working on.

Also I have been very lucky and happy to announce that I have hit one of my career goals and that is to be featured in a 3D Magazine. I am honored to be shown in this months 3D Creative magazine from the UK. I have attached the picture for you all to take a look at. Also I have rebuilt my actual website that I send up to clients and studios. ( Give that a look as well. Once again thank you for checking back to my blog and sorry for the lack of updates but I will have new things to show soon!

Here is the cover!

and take a look at that sweet turbine!

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