Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thing a Week Project 11 Part 05: The Machine Room

Got some great advice from a lot of my friends/co-workers and thank you all for checking out my stuff and sending me your thoughts and ideas. No lies, I'm glad you all are trying to get me to up my game more and more. Anyway so I put in as many suggestions as I could but time was against me like always so I got it to a great stopping point and send it into KeyShot for some awesome render passes then sent it into photoshop to comp it together and add some slight post and color correction.

A few things I updated, I fixed the wiring, removed some odd looking pieces, added subtle normals to my textures and made sculpted some areas to get just that much more detail.

It's time to move on for now; like always, I like where its at at the moment and maybe one day I'll return but here's what I have. Thanks for checking it out.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thing a Week Project 11 Part 04: The Machine Room

So the modeling is more or less done, there's just a few things I want to address and a couple pieces; mostly the floor, I want to throw in Zbrush to give it that extra push. After that I can start my texturing pass and then render it up for the last bits of pretty. Here's a sum up of work for tonight.

As I mentioned I more or less got the modeling done but when I was "finished" I rendered it out in 3ds Max and stared at this shot for about 6 minutes.

I hated it. The walls weren't there, I wanted something with more flair but also not too taxing so this scene wouldn't become a noisy mess. That's the worse when its so busy its just hard to focus but then I remembered some stuff I modeled from a couple months ago.

I placed them in and saw it was still a little eh so I modeled up a few things and got this

I added some breaks into the walls and added more fidelity to the panels and pipes and I really started loving this scene. So I through it in Keyshot 4 for some quick higher res passes and made this.

So with that I have a better view of whats going on with shaders. So now; like I mentioned, just have to remodel and adjust a few things, get some real textures on it and work on final renders. Hoping to have something cool to show tomorrow or Friday. Like always thanks agin to any who check out my blog!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thing a Week Project 11 Part 03: The Machine Room

So I started hammering out details of the room and placing a lot of the pieces I created and started kitbashing all around the room. Needs some work; obviously, but what I did notice as I was placing objects and moving them into certain positions I was giving myself an overwhelming feeling. Which is actually something that I want to achieve in this piece. You see the wires and devices and just the overall messiness which gives the viewer something to think about. What the hell happened? Why is the room so beaten and broken? What caused this building to be abandoned? Once I get more details (and clean up some of the clutter for just flow sake) and start texturing I can get the history behind it all and get another strong piece that tells a story. Here's the WIP shots for tonight.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thing a Week Project 11 Part 02: The Machine Room

Been busy with you know, work, life, work and life so I FINALLY got a nice night to work on my own stuff again. So I realized the majority of the concept was boxes, boxes get kinda boring so I'm working on building a bunch of engine and mecha parts to shove all over this room to give it more life and a history. Here's a few pieces of what I have so far and as a plus I can add this stuff to my kitbash for later use.  

So like I said, not too much to report but hey, another day or so, I'll have a crap load of new pieces. 0.0

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thing a Week Project 11: The Machine Room

Some of these projects are going to start dragging a little longer because of me learning a bunch of new programs to help step up my game and I'm trying to take on bigger challenges. So my newest project is from the concept called "The Machine Room" I loved the feel and atmosphere of it so I HAD to make it. Got a block in I am happy with it. So here is what I have so far. Now i can start the high poly and adding a bunch of bells and whistles. YAY!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last touch ups and moving on

Here's my new spider crane render. Added some normals for the dings and scratches, added a very simple environment and re-rendered it in Keyshot. Okay, NOW......I'm moving onto something else

UPDATE: Its with great honor that I have received the 3DTotal Excellence Award for this image, so it will now be proudly shown in the corner.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Render Methods and Tests

So I've been bouncing back and forth on a few projects this week. Its been a few days without a big update so in the mean time here is a car that you may have seen on my portfolio before.

Yeah...the model itself is pretty good. But the render is okay (a "meh" really) at best. It was cool at the time, that time was a couple years ago, maybe it wasn't even cool then. Anyway, been learning some techniques and trying out some new software. A take a look at the new improved render.

Big difference right? This is HDRI lighting in Keyshot, using custom materials I whipped up and some light changes and a bunch of render adjustments and bam, AAA quality right there. Same car model from 3Ds Max but a new "coat of paint." I like this one a lot and it may make it back onto the main portfolio site. Sorry for the lack of updates so for those who are checking it out. Here you go! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Thing A Week: Project 10 Part 01 (The Hangar/Lab)

Starting a new project this week, Got a sweet concept from a good friend of mine. Here is the block out I have done with some rough camera angles.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thing A Week: Project 9 Part 04 (Spider Crane)

Like always, calling it done for now. May go back one day to add more, redo some things, etc etc. but I like where it's at. Thanks for checking it out.

Thing A Week: Project 9 Part 03 (Spider Crane)

Modeling is done, just need to adjust a couple a things then give it some nice textures. Here's some quick WIP renders.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thing A Week: Project 9 Part 02 (Spider Crane)

Wrapping up the legs, going to add a few more bolts and bars to get this thing "functional" then on to the body and spider butt.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thing A Week: Project 9 Part 01 (Spider Crane)

Taking a break from my character, that thing is going to take a while to do so I'm breaking off of it for a while and making a new hard surface creature. SPIDER CRANE!!! Got the block out and now going into the detail of making it a beast.