Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thing a Week Project 11 Part 04: The Machine Room

So the modeling is more or less done, there's just a few things I want to address and a couple pieces; mostly the floor, I want to throw in Zbrush to give it that extra push. After that I can start my texturing pass and then render it up for the last bits of pretty. Here's a sum up of work for tonight.

As I mentioned I more or less got the modeling done but when I was "finished" I rendered it out in 3ds Max and stared at this shot for about 6 minutes.

I hated it. The walls weren't there, I wanted something with more flair but also not too taxing so this scene wouldn't become a noisy mess. That's the worse when its so busy its just hard to focus but then I remembered some stuff I modeled from a couple months ago.

I placed them in and saw it was still a little eh so I modeled up a few things and got this

I added some breaks into the walls and added more fidelity to the panels and pipes and I really started loving this scene. So I through it in Keyshot 4 for some quick higher res passes and made this.

So with that I have a better view of whats going on with shaders. So now; like I mentioned, just have to remodel and adjust a few things, get some real textures on it and work on final renders. Hoping to have something cool to show tomorrow or Friday. Like always thanks agin to any who check out my blog!

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