Thursday, April 11, 2013

Render Methods and Tests

So I've been bouncing back and forth on a few projects this week. Its been a few days without a big update so in the mean time here is a car that you may have seen on my portfolio before.

Yeah...the model itself is pretty good. But the render is okay (a "meh" really) at best. It was cool at the time, that time was a couple years ago, maybe it wasn't even cool then. Anyway, been learning some techniques and trying out some new software. A take a look at the new improved render.

Big difference right? This is HDRI lighting in Keyshot, using custom materials I whipped up and some light changes and a bunch of render adjustments and bam, AAA quality right there. Same car model from 3Ds Max but a new "coat of paint." I like this one a lot and it may make it back onto the main portfolio site. Sorry for the lack of updates so for those who are checking it out. Here you go! 

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