Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thing A Week: Project 03 Part 01

This week, I'm building out a generator from the Armored Core series. I have a few art books on the game and its filled with TONS of great reference and break downs. So the first picture is mass out / building out detail pass I have so far. Also, I have been looking into purchasing some new render software. I have been and still am a big Mental Ray and Vray kind of guy but after talking with some friends and fellow artist I have been looking into "KeyShot" So far, pretty impressive. So here are some renders I pulled out of it as well. Please excuse the watermarks, I am running a legit trail version.

Also, to try a bigger scene I through in my project from 2 weeks ago and gave that a whirl as well. The generator and sci-fi piece took about 5 minutes to set up and about 2 minutes to render.

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